What is Seemeo?

Seemeo is a geo-social business networking application that connects people and places locally. The application simplifies how people get acquaintance with any environment they find themselves. Users can easily connect with people and places within their vicinity. It upends traditional networking culture, which typically requires you to go out and find certain services and important places physically, which can be very stressful. Instead, it brings the environment to you. Hence, you can easily find nearby people and places.

Mission Statement

To make life easier for people by connecting service providers, consumers, businesses, and other related stakeholders, and make them all accessible to one another locally at every place.

Problem Statement

Every time we find ourselves in new environment, most especially when we relocate to another place or travel to another place, the need to find important places and service providers begin to arise. For instance; finding supermarket, salon, laundry shop, clinic, mechanic, school, hotel, restaurant and many more. Popular way people solve this problem currently is by asking neighbors or use Google to get some help. Both methods work to some degree but they all have their limitations. Did you ever spend several minutes or hours on Google trying to find some kind of places or service providers in your locality, and then later resort to ask people or finally go far away from your home to find what you want base on some sort of suggestions? This is a major problem that everyone faces and will be glad to solve.

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