More Features

You don’t need to type all the time to find anything in your vicinity; you can tap the voice search icon, speak out your query and let the app do the finding for you.

Chat and messaging

You can contact any service provider after checking out their profile or business page. Chat or message them directly if you want to know anything before requesting their services.

Take it everywhere

Seemeo will be used in over 150 nations and it will be available in several languages. Once you download it you can take it everywhere you go. If you travel from one country to another, simply go to setting and change your country to the new destination. After that, you can connect to services and places in your new environment.

Neighborhood market

This is a marketplace within your vicinity. Premium users can display their businesses and services in an organized platform that helps them promote their business and attract more patronage. This is a whole big plaza in an app. This will be a game changer for business owners and stakeholders.

Discovering hot spots

After setting up the app, you're taken to the main discovery screen, with a search bar on top and a group of recommendations below. The app focuses on finding places grouped by interests and categories. To say the tool has a lot of restaurants, bars, and business recommendations is an understatement. The discovery screen is awash with suggestions based on your location, time of day, predefined tastes, and recommendations from popular search terms that other users near you are searching for. The home screen also keeps changing throughout the day as you move around town looking for new places to visit. Swiping around will get you almost all you need, but if that isn't enough, use the search bar to narrow down your search. You can see your search results on a map and filter them by price, distance to you, and how many people have recommended them.

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