Seecoin is a utility token used within the Seemeo ecosystem to incentivize and empower a decentralized community building, growth and notable expansion available at the apex of web-3.
The total supply of SeeCoin is fixed at 10 million tokens. No minting capability is allowed through the contract interface, thus the total supply will remain fixed. Similarly, the contract interface does not expose any token burning capability, so the total supply will never decrease.
Based on the standard practice, a portion of the tokens for contributors to the project will be initially locked. Locked tokens will be unlocked over a period of 30 months.
SeeCoin will be distributed among four groups as detailed in the table below.
Genesis NFT holders and Treasury
4,444,400 to holders of Genesis NFT
All unlocked for claim at launch
855,550 to treasury
Locked for 5 months, then 10% unlocked per month for 12 months
5% will be used to support upcoming artists, and early startup businesses in SeemeoNFT community and the remaining will fund Reward programs (Ambassadors + Lottery)
1,000,000 to Events and reward programs
300,000 unlocked at launch, then 2.9% unlocked per month for 24 months
500,000 to community support
100,000 unlocked at launch, then 3.3% unlocked per month for 24 months
The launch incubators including liquidity and project marketing
1,400,000 to Launch incubators and Liquidity
(All unlocked at launch)
800,000 to marketing
10% unlocked at launch, then 3% unlocked for 24 months
This allocation is for team behind seeCoin and the people who gave their utmost support for the project including our Team of advisors who contributed their quota to our success.
750,000 to the main team behind SeeCoin
(locked for 12 months, then 3.3% unlocked for 30 months
250,000 to the people whose advise contributed to the success of the project
Locked for 12 months, then 1,666 coin unlocked over 15 months