Social networking in view

Connecting people and places together locally for business purpose is one problem the world has not really been able to solve. They have done an excellent work by building dating apps and other related applications that can help people find nearby singles for dating. For instance, a dating app called Tinder; currently have over 75 million users globally. Since its emergence, it has gained so much popularity and now in use in over 190 nations across the world. This statistics is enough to prove the importance of the applications to the users. There are several other social networking applications that allow people to stay in touch with friends and family. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, but there are many more gaps to be filled in term of connecting local people together through a medium.

It is a different game entirely when we find ourselves in new environment and we need to begin to find important places and services like; supermarket, salon, laundry shop, clinic, mechanic, schools and many more. To solve this problem, many people result to asking their neighbors, while many others result to using google to get some help. Both methods work to some degree but they can really be stressful at some points.

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