Social Networking Ads Statistics

We have observed how businesses spend huge sum of money on ads to increase sales. They engage sponsored ads on popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and many more. The effect of this can be extremely low in most cases. Many businesses are faced with difficulties in respect to getting patronage from large population of their ads viewers due to distance and some other factors. Some business owners go extra mile to increase sales by adding a delivery service to get products delivered to prospective customers but the effect of this is still very little compare to the effort put into it. During a survey fielded in the United States as of 2021, 51% of respondents stated that their purchasing decisions were influences by social media ads; 49% said they were not. A survey was also taken on Facebook ads that convert to sales across all industries; the result shows that only about 9.21% ads make their ways to sales. What happened to the 90.79% that never make it? Here are some reasons we found. Some target audience wants the services or products but the distance typically keep them off. Some need it but not now. Some never care and some never need it.

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